Writer and musician Suzanne Barbieri was born in London on January 2nd.

She is married to Porcupine Tree keyboardist Richard Barbieri,  formerly of the group Japan. In 1998, their musical collaboration, Indigo Falls, was released on Medium Productions.

She has provided featured and backing vocals for a number of artists including Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel; the Dolphin Brothers; Jansen/Barbieri; Mick Karn; Holi; Philip Kane; Jakko Jakszyk; and Porcupine Tree.

Her voice can also be heard on various television and radio commercials and corporate productions for companies including Eurostar; British Gas; Hewlett Packard; Toblerone; Ski; Muller, and Black and Decker.

Samples of her voice have also been used during The Bays improvisational live sets.

She is currently working on a solo album, and a novel, entitled Tall Poppies, some of which can be found in her Myspace blog.

Her first published written work was an analysis of the mythological and occult themes of the work of writer, Clive Barker, entitled ‘Clive Barker: Mythmaker for the Millennium’, which was published by the British Fantasy Society.

Since then she has had numerous short stories published, including ‘Its Secret Diary’ which was nominated for a BSFA award.


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  1. This has absolutely floored me Suzanne. Such beautiful beautiful emotion. Tears and smiles. I can’t even begin to put into words how completely saddened I was at Mick’s passing. I can’t even try.
    You know I have so say that back in August of last year I had the unbelievable pleasure of meeting Richard after a PT concert here in Nashville. Myself, Kera and Matt , my brother Randy and my 15 year old nephew Branndon stood outside on a hot and humid August night on the sidewalk for what seemed like hours (of course it wasn’t) and talked to Richard about Mick and his illness , keyboards and funnies, and it was at that meeting that I truly realized the full scope of just how serious this really was. I walked away that night forever changed not only from meeting my keyboard hero of 30 plus years but from knowing that there probably wasn’t going to be a lot of time left for Mick on this earth short of a miracle. It was a very bittersweet night needless to say.
    I had my own phenomenon happen the day he died. My good friend Becky e mailed me to tell me the news and I had to take a moment and go outside to try and get myself together, not an easy task. It was a cloudy evening but I looked up at the sky and was stunned to see that one star shown brightly through the clouds…so for a moment I smiled because I knew. It really was something I will never forget, so powerful and a calmness came over me. A very welcomed calmness at that.

    So I’ll end this Suzanne by saying again, thank you for the beautiful words and recollections. I am sure you and Richard could tell us all some fantastic stories. My love and prayers certainly go out to you both and everyone who loved Mick but it’s exactly like you wrote, he lives on forever because we make him live on forever, and that’s just fine . His talent is much much too priceless to let go of for me……

    All my very best as always,

    Karen –

    • Of course this is supposed to be under Remembering Mick…

      Sorry, so tired , I just started typing and obviously wasn’t paying attention. So sorry. Tried to copy and paste and then delete but could not get it to work. Again, sorry!

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